What is a Genki Girl?

Anime comes with a lot of colorful, comical, interesting characters that fans have come to fall in love with. In any series or one-shot, any manga or animated movie, anyone who has been following the addictive trend knows exactly what to expect when they see a particular character. A Genki Girl, for example, is so easy to spot for those who have been watching anime for any amount of time.

In case you aren’t one of those folks, however, you might be wondering what a Genki Girl is. If you’re writing about anime, knowing your stuff won’t require you to buy website traffic.

What Is Genki?

Genki in Japanese literally means energy, so if you are going to attach the word to anything, it would automatically denote a feeling of enthusiasm or excitement. That’s why when watching anime, especially with the original Japanese dubbing, you’ll often hear characters using the term to indicate that they are still strong or that they are all right.

What Is A Genki Girl?

For the most part, a Genki Girl is the female character with plenty of enthusiasm. They will usually act as if they ingested a considerable amount of caffeine and sugar, or perhaps a particularly powerful dose of cocaine. In any case, such girls will often run around, particularly during the introduction scene and generally give off a vibe of being unable to contain their excitement.

For the most part, especially in anime, Genki Girls are represented by young female students. In many introduction scenes or even beyond them, such girls would be jumping over a wall or speed around a corner, both of which would lead to a collision with the main character. It’s a trope that’s become quite common among modern animes and one that fans usually watch out for.

How To Spot A Genki Girl

Having a Genki Girl on the show is a surefire way to attract the attention of anime enthusiasts, which guarantees results about as well as cheap website traffic. Basically, you just need to look for the most energetic character in the bunch and that’s your Genki Girl. Although, it is also worth pointing out that not all anime present this character type as a high school girl.

Yes, in the generic anime setting where the characters are all high school students, the Genki Girl will usually be a high school character. However, in animes where the characters are in college or more grown up, the one with the Genki label might become a more subtle offering. What’s more, there are also those anime franchises that are set in a fantasy universe.

In the latter case, Genki girls can also be side characters such as shop owners or servers. Then there are those manga or anime offerings that are set in an online game, where the Genki Girls can be the NPCs. So, as you can see, this trop is not only limited to the high school category. Although, it also can’t be denied that they are the most common of the lot.


2 Responses to “What is a Genki Girl?”

  1. Stellamaris says:

    I wonder what shows portray a genki girls that have the opposite character due to some circumstances since they’re all happy-go-lucky bunch of characters

  2. Bern says:

    Genki girls are the whole point of watching!


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