Genki Textbook For Learning Japanese

If you are someone who is interested in learning Japanese, you might feel a bit intimidated at the simple thought of it. You are not alone. Plenty of people who have never learned to speak, read, or write Japanese experience something akin to drowning whenever they start. Fortunately, there is this thing called the Genki Textbook series that can be a huge help.

For anyone who is thinking about teaching Japanese via their website after learning to do it themselves, using these textbooks won’t require you to buy website traffic anymore. The traffic will just naturally come to you.

Genki Textbooks

For the most part, Genki Textbooks are just textbooks that every school child in Japan might have already come across at one time or another. They are the basics of the basics and anyone who wants to learn Japanese or vice versa is recommended by experts to get their hands on these textbooks. Of course, you do have other options if you want to use them, but what would be the point of that?

Actual Beginner Textbooks

The biggest reason for using the Genki textbooks is the fact that they are for actual beginners. Think elementary schools kids who are being taught English. Only, for those who are trying to learn Japanese, the books can also be very useful. What really makes them great for beginners is the fact that it molds your vocabulary to fit the structure of actual Japanese speakers.

If you are someone who wants to learn Japanese so that you have enough vocabulary to get by, don’t get these books. You won’t get what you need from them.

Simplistic Structure

Genki textbooks are successful because of their simplistic structure. That is to say, these textbooks provide students with a very specific way of learning so that they get the gist of the language in the most efficient way possible. By building the basics into the student’s mind, learning the more complex


2 Responses to “Genki Textbook For Learning Japanese”

  1. Kim says:

    Yeah! Learning how to read Japanese characters can simply be this fun if you like the medium you are using. Watching Anime can be educational too!

  2. Smith says:

    I’m not born Japanese yet I learn the language through watching anime and reading any genki textbook.. it takes a while to learn but its fun!


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